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Ready to launch a local news startup? Want to grow an existing site? This session will offer 10 tips on how to be a successful news.

J-Lab’s Editorial Director, Andrew Pergam, serves as a panelist for a seminar presented by the University of Pittsburgh Honors College.

J-Lab hosts a panel discussion on the “do’s” and “don’ts” of community journalism.

This session examines lessons learned from five Networked Journalism pilot projects funded by J-Lab. These projects partnered mainstream news organizations with five hyperlocal sites each.

New media women entrepreneurs are in the vanguard of creating hyperlocal community news sites and placeblogs around the country. Hear from several site founders about what they are doing and why.

J-lab reports on its Networked Journalism project, helping community news sites partner with daily newspapers or emerging metro news sites to network their content and aggregate audiences.

From real-time debate analysis tools to devices that let you switch video from your cell phone to your TV, creative technologists are developing exciting new applications for news.

In response to shrinking newsrooms, costly wire services and an emerging culture of collaboration, regional news organizations are starting to build innovative consortiums for sharing content.

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