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2011 NABJ Session

Ready to launch a local news startup? Want to grow an existing site? This session will offer 10 tips on how to be a successful news.  Hear from Glenn Burkins, founder of, who focuses on delivering news for African-American communities in Charlotte, as he joins J-Lab’s Jan Schaffer to explore what it takes to run sites of your own.  Together they will offer advice and resources based on years of experience in this space.

Glenn Burkins has an impressive journalism background.  He was a deputy managing editor of the Charlotte Observer, White House correspondent and foreign correspondent.  He left all that to run two community news sites specifically designed to reach African-American readers in Charlotte.  And he makes no bones about it.

He’s one of the best examples J-Lab has seen of professional journalists increasingly launching news websites in communities across the country.
In a discussion led by J-Lab’s executive director Jan Schaffer, or editorial director Andrew Pergam, Glenn Burkins will do a deep-dive into his vision for the sites and what it takes to launch and maintain his sites. 

He is trying to segment the market, even within hyperlocal news, and is creating a financially viable business opportunity.  “I say that unapologetically on one hand, a little shame-faced on the other because I’m a person who believes that at the end of the day, I would like to see people come together, and I think what I’m doing, and the industry in general, is fragmenting society,” he said in a recent story.  Read more about Burkins and his work here.

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