In funding new journalism ideas and tracking best practices, J-Lab has gleaned reams of practical insights from more than a decade of working with news creators and news gatherers.

Our one-on-one consulting, on-site training, and facilitation of brainstorming sessions have helped news organizations, foundations, universities and communities navigate the changing media landscape in new ways. And our customized training gets results.

  • We are skilled at designing programs to incentivize robust news and information ecosystems.
  • We help news organizations generate ideas for moving in new directions.
  • We map local media ecosystems and recommend ways that foundations can help develop new capacity to meet the news and information needs of their communities.
  • We help universities design new programs to engage their communities and advance their curricula.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to explore what can work.

Contact Jan Schaffer:, 202-885-8100

Case Study

The William Penn Foundation hired J-Lab in 2009 to map Philadelphia's media landscape and make recommendations for how WPF could support more robust public affairs news and information.

Our report and recommendations were a key contributor to the foundation approving a $2.4 million grant in 2010 to launch the Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network.

It also paved the way for J-Lab to launch the Philadelphia Enterprise Reporting Awards, which has incentivized both in-depth reporting and new collaborations.

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