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ASNE 2010 Networked Journalism Presentation

Around the country, start-up community news sites are partnering with daily newspapers or emerging metro news sites to network their content and aggregate audiences, not just stories. J-Lab has seeded five pilot projects to test best practices. Find out how this is working and where new competition might lurk.

Read about our Networked Journalism project

Moderator: Jan Schaffer Executive Director, J-lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism


Bob PayneBob Payne (View his PowerPoint) Bob Payne has been Director of Communities at since summer of 2008. His primary task has been to determine and execute the Times’ strategy regarding neighborhood- and topic-specific content and the online communities of interest that thrive in those niche areas. While some media companies have chosen to launch their own sites as part of their hyperlocal strategy, the Times has opted instead to build relationships with local content producers with the goal of developing mutually supportive relationships that spotlight the strengths of the respective sites.

Rick HirschRick Hirsch (View his PowerPoint) Rick Hirsch is Senior Editor / Multimedia at The Miami Herald, where he has worked as a reporter and editor for 30 years. Hirsch oversees the content on The Herald’s non-print platforms, which includes news websites, its community news partner initiative, mobile sites, video news and programming and a radio news operation for the South Florida NPR affiliate, WLRN-91.3 FM. He also supervises newsroom training and recruiting.

Steve GunnSteve Gunn (View his PowerPoint) Steve Gunn is the Editor for Innovations at The Charlotte Observer in North Carolina. Previously, he had worked as metro editor and projects editor for the paper. A veteran journalist, he has worked as an editor or reporter at New York Newsday and the Dallas Times Herald.


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