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AEJMC 2006: “Citizen Media: J-School Entrepreneurial Ventures”

AEJMC 2006 Panelists

Session panelists (L to R) Lew Friedland, Keith Graham and Dave Poulson

Sponsored by the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation


By Jan Schaffer, J-Lab Executive Director

“This is a very important onramp for innovation in journalism education. … It’s a very rich stew for research in the intersection of civic engagement, journalism and democracy.”

Jeremy Iggers

Founder, Twin Cities Daily Planet

“There’s been an explosion of diversity in the Twin Cities and yet a lot of the new communities in the Twin Cities are largely invisible in the major media.”


Lew Friedland

Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“The only thing that would make this commons model succeed was the possibility of establishing strong, robust, community-based partnerships.”


Dave Poulson

Associate Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, Michigan State University

“As a reporter, I often interviewed highly informed citizens who lived an issue for years – the same issue that I spent mere days, or perhaps hours, reporting. So why not let them directly report what they know?”

Keith Graham

Associate Professor, University of Montana School of Journalism

“We’re going to train residents, and we hope to leverage this grant to other grants and provide it to other towns in Montana – places that do not have a newspaper because the newspaper has died.”

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