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Citizens Media Summit

Citizen Media Summit 2005




Citizen Media Panel 1 - Starting Up

Highlights and Handouts

  • Rob Runett (Moderator), NAA
  • Jonathan Weber,
  • Barbara Bry,
  • Mark Potts,

Citizen Media Summit 2005 Panel 2 - Examining Mainstream Tools

Highlights and Handouts

  • Travis Henry,
  • Catherine Shen
  • Steve Safran, NECN

Citizen Media Summit Panel 3 - Making Tech Tools Work for You


Highlights and Handouts

  • Mary Lou Fulton (Moderator),
  • Dan Pacheco, Bakotopia
  • Steve Yelvington,
  • Adrian Holovaty,

Citizen Media Summit Panel 4 - Managing the Community

Highlights and Handouts

  • Chris Muldrow, CNHI
  • Mary Lou Fulton,
  • Hillary Rhodes,

Sponsored by: Newspaper Association of America and J-Lab

Supported by: Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

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