J-Lab has created many tools to help entrepreneurial journalists seeking to launch independent news projects, including databases, how-to guides and step-by-step learning modules.


This how-to guide teaches skills for creating a news website and populating it with multimedia content.

Grant Funding Database

J-Lab has tracked more than $185 million in grants awarded to news projects since 2005. Research who's funding these initiatives.

Community Media Directory

Search our database of more than 1,000 citizen and community media sites. Add your site.

Learning Modules

Step-by-step instructions on online skills to help professional and citizen journalists.

Case Studies

J-Lab has observed scores of community news sites start from a simple idea and flourish into a healthy news outlet for their communities. These give you quick insight into how they did it.

Other Resources

A collection of resources from J-Lab collaborators, designed to help you jumpstart your reporting.

University Community Sites

J-Lab is collecting a list of news sites created by universities. These sites involve reporting on the community, covering state government, or engaging in watchdog journalism.

Civic Journalism Resources

Sites and publications we think are good resources for research and learning.