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Shame of the City

To follow up a 2007 report, locating and ranking the top 10 drug-selling corners in the city. By freelancer Steve Volk with

Enterprise Reporting Fund - NJ Phawker

January 2011 update, by George Miller:

Steve Volk and Phawker publisher Jonathan Valania did strategy planning following the awarding of the reporting prize. Volk is starting the reporting for this project now, in January 2011. The original story in 2007 took six months to report (while working on other stories), so the two are expecting this project to be completed in May.

Valania will edit the package, which will run on Phawker. There have also been discussions with the Philadelphia Weekly (where the original 2007 story is still among the most visited pages) to run a cover story around the same time. Volk, a former staff writer at Philadelphia Magazine, has proposed a related story to the magazine – about the Kensington Strangler serial murderer case, which is taking place near one of the top 10 drug corners.

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