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La Generación Perdida

Enterprise Reporting Fund - Metropolis

A report on the plight of young Hispanic males in the city, a population in danger of becoming a lost generation, troubled by brushes with the criminal justice system and the highest school drop-out rate in the city. By Metropolis with Al Día Hispanic newspaper.

January 2011 update, by George Miller:

Metropolis editor Tom Ferrick has been working with an Al Día reporter, Ana Gamboa, and freelance journalist Gustavo Martinez to do interviews. Ferrick is currently writing and editing the stories. He expects everything to be completed around February 1. The staff at Al Día are writing sidebars and translating the package, as well as visually illustrating everything.

Ferrick and Metropolis have been collaborating for several months now. Ferrick’s columns appear – in Spanish – weekly in Al Día.

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