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This one-day gathering seeks to explore not simply the production and delivery of news, but to delve deeply into the craft of journalism.

A day-long gathering of women news creators and wannabe news creators, with keynote speech by Laurel Touby.

J-lab’s 2010 ONA Pre-Conference Workshop covers how to fund entrepreneurial journalism, including a legal heads-up, how to build a news site from scratch and how to generate revenue for upkeep.

J-Lab reports on our successful Net-J initiative and teaches you how to build and participate in your own community journalism project.

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Hear stories and updates from five news organizations around the country who are partnering with hyperlocal sites in each of their communities.

This daylong workshop will be full of practical advice—and cautionary tales—for media makers who are thinking about striking out on their own apart from the realm of traditional journalism.

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An ONA pre-convention workshop on news games and interactive exercises.

Learn how journalism programs around the country are seeding innovative ideas, launching hyperlocal news sites and breeding new media entrepreneurs.

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