Citizens Media Summit

October 24, 2005  |  University of Maryland, College Park, MD






Highlights and Handouts
         • Rob Runett (Moderator), NAA
         • Jonathan Weber,
         • Barbara Bry,
         • Mark Potts,


Highlights and Handouts
         • Travis Henry,
         • Catherine Shen,
         • Steve Safran, NECN


 Highlights and Handouts
         • Mary Lou Fulton (Moderator),
         • Dan Pacheco, Bakotopia
         • Steve Yelvington,
         • Adrian Holovaty,


Highlights and Handouts
         • Chris Muldrow, CNHI
         • Mary Lou Fulton,
         • Hillary Rhodes,


Sponsored by: Newspaper Association of America and J-Lab

Supported by: Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation