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Redistricting the City

Enterprise Reporting Fund - Committee of Seventy
Enterprise Reporting Fund - Azavea

An examination of the issues and possible consequences of the forthcoming redistricting of the City Council districts, some of which have a history of gerrymandering. By the Committee of Seventy good government group with Azavea, a local geomapping firm, and a Harvard University researcher.

January 2011 update, by George Miller:

The legwork for this project was largely completed by the time the Enterprise Reporting Award winners were announced, The Committee of Seventy was going to do this project regardless of the award. They are currently sitting on the data and the mapping system already created by Azavea, waiting for the best time to release the information. With the full census data available on April 1, Seventy may wait until closer to that date so that their research will have the most impact. There are rumors that Philadelphia’s City Council may take up redistricting legislation in February, which would provide a hook for publishing Seventy’s data.

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