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Enterprise Reporting Fund -
Enterprise Reporting Fund -

To help create a digital library for the collection, analysis and presentation of New Jersey public-interest data and research reports on such topics as schools and state and local budgets. By in collaboration with and community web sites in New Jersey. Future plans call for seminars and workshops around the release of important data.

January 2011 update, by George Miller:

The award, said NJSpotlight editor John Mooney, is the spur to get this huge project started. The database has long been in the plans. Now, NJSpotlight can hire a freelance journalist to collect data.

Because NJSpotlight relies so heavily upon foundation funding, the end of the year is largely devoted to grant writing, Mooney said. The winter holidays prevented them from digging deep, but they’re about to begin.

At this point, the collaboration seems to be NJSpotlight developing the content and co-hosting it. The side does not seem to be allocating any reporting resources.

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