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  • Free and Easy

    May. 19, 2010 Jan SchafferBobbi Bowman

    Much of the news about start-up community news sites and their impact is anecdotal. While J-Lab collects a lot of those stories, yesterday we heard a refreshing tale of how nimble some new community media makers can be.

    A shout out goes to Growthspur for its post on how seasoned journalist Bobbi Bowman took matters into her own hands and jumpstarted a way to publish breaking news.

  • First Read: Follow the Breadcrumbs

    Nov. 1, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    A Laurel to Len Downie Jr. and Michael Schudson for a comprehensive review of developments in the journalistic ecosystem.

  • Old Freedoms Ring True for New Media

    Sep. 30, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    Never before has the idea of a free press meant so much to everyday Americans. It’s not that the country is under siege by a runaway tyrant or that we have rampant corruption or government by secrecy. Rather, the idea of a free press is taking on new meaning in a nation where, increasingly, small towns and rural areas, exurbs and even suburbs have ...

  • Nerds, News and Neat Stuff

    Sep. 18, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    What imaginative stuff the winners showcased yesterday at this year’s Knight-Batten Symposium and Awards for Innovations in Journalism.

  • New Media Transparency Challenges

    Sep. 2, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    Since June, when J-Lab released “New Media Makers,” its new study of grant-funded media projects, we’ve tracked another $7.5 million awarded by foundations to support or jumpstart news and information initiatives around the country.

  • Meet the New Media Makers

    Feb. 10, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    Is it important for news to survive – or news organizations? See today’s New York Times for a sampling of opinions.

  • Let’s Count the Ways …

    Jan. 23, 2009 Jan Schaffer

    The first U.S. forays in citizen media began in earnest only in 2004. Now, as 2008 comes to a close, we need to stop referring to citizen journalism as a monolithic phenomenon and pay closer attention to the many ways it’s evolving.

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