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Observations and learnings on journalism 

  • News Entrepreneuring

    Nov. 4, 2010 Jan SchafferNews Room

    You can be creative, dogged, well meaning and very hard working. You can produce excellent journalism. You can be willing to take risks. You can even mortgage your home to fund your startup. But that does not mean you can make a go of a good news site.

  • Collaboration is the New Competition

    Oct. 20, 2010 Jan Schaffernetworked-journalism-collage-square

    J-Lab launched its Networked Journalism pilot project a little over a year ago. It called for five traditional news organizations to partner with at least five new community news sites in their cities.

  • New Voices: What Works

    Sep. 30, 2010 Jan SchafferNew Voices report cover

    J-Lab has funded community news startups since 2005, when the movement to launch independent hyperlocal news websites began in earnest. To date, we’ve seeded the launch of 55 “New Voices” experiments. Now, it’s time to report what we have learned – and it’s a lot.

  • Taking It to the Next Level

    Sep. 28, 2010 Jan Schaffer

    It’s been five years since J-Lab released the first study on community news sites, “Citizen Media: Fad or the Future of News?”

  • Stepping Up the Pace of Innovation

    Sep. 15, 2010 Jan Schaffer

    The level of creativity was dizzying at this year’s Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. The winners are already taking their prize-winning ideas to the next level. Meanwhile Grand Prize winner The Sunlight Foundation is taking its “data jamming” mindset into new frontiers, breaking news at the symposium with its latest plans.

  • The Knight-Batten Awards: New Recipes for Journalism

    Jul. 19, 2010 Jan SchafferKnight-Batten Awards

    We never know what will rise to the top each year in the Knight-Batten A wards for Innovations in Journalism. But we do know that it will define a significant trend in the rapidly evolving media landscape. This year, without a doubt, the innovations clustered around the process of journalism – not just the finished product.

  • Net-J Projects Sign Up for Second Year

    Jun. 17, 2010 Jan Schaffercover-networked-journalism-489x550

    When Gannett shut down the printing press at the Tucson Citizen newspaper last March, it left a web-only news site with few resources.

  • New Funding Ops, New Fault Lines

    May. 19, 2010 Jan Schaffer

    As any grant-giver will tell you: It’s hard to give away grant money well. You want a diverse grant pool – diverse project leaders and diverse communities participating. You want geographic diversity, socio-economic diversity, urban vs. rural diversity, gender diversity, a diversity of ideas and of delivery platforms.

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