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  • Lessons Every News Site Can Learn from TBD’s Launch

    Aug. 9, 2010 Andrew PergamSpottedTBD is not only a new local news website in Washington, D.C., but it also has replaced the television station websites for WJLA and News Channel 8. The much-anticipated launch has also offered quite a few lessons for others interested in operating their own news websites.

  • The Knight-Batten Awards: New Recipes for Journalism

    Jul. 19, 2010 Jan SchafferBlogKnight-Batten Awards

    We never know what will rise to the top each year in the Knight-Batten A wards for Innovations in Journalism. But we do know that it will define a significant trend in the rapidly evolving media landscape. This year, without a doubt, the innovations clustered around the process of journalism – not just the finished product.

  • Small Coupon Deals Boost Local News Sites and Merchants

    Jun. 22, 2010 Andrew PergamSpotted

    How a Minneapolis nonprofit news site is making money in a crowded field.

  • Net-J Projects Sign Up for Second Year

    Jun. 17, 2010 Jan SchafferBlogcover-networked-journalism-489x550

    When Gannett shut down the printing press at the Tucson Citizen newspaper last March, it left a web-only news site with few resources.

  • New Funding Ops, New Fault Lines

    May. 19, 2010 Jan SchafferBlog

    As any grant-giver will tell you: It’s hard to give away grant money well. You want a diverse grant pool – diverse project leaders and diverse communities participating. You want geographic diversity, socio-economic diversity, urban vs. rural diversity, gender diversity, a diversity of ideas and of delivery platforms.

  • Free and Easy

    May. 19, 2010 Jan SchafferBlogBobbi Bowman

    Much of the news about start-up community news sites and their impact is anecdotal. While J-Lab collects a lot of those stories, yesterday we heard a refreshing tale of how nimble some new community media makers can be.

    A shout out goes to Growthspur for its post on how seasoned journalist Bobbi Bowman took matters into her own hands and jumpstarted a way to publish breaking news.

  • CT Mirror Launches Capital-centric Site with Nearly $2 Million in Support for Three Years

    Apr. 28, 2010 Andrew PergamSpotted

    Capital-centric site quietly launches with nearly $2 million in foundation support for three years.

  • The Wire Adds a New Dimension to Twin Cities TV Web Site

    Apr. 14, 2010 Andrew PergamSpotted

    An interactive news timeline went from being ‘just an idea’ to a major innovation for a Minneapolis TV station – with the help of a willing advertiser.

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