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  • Journalism Schools as Startup Accelerators

    Dec. 19, 2012 Jan SchafferArticles | Nieman Lab

    “The opportunities are wide open for connecting silos of information in communities, amplifying good stories that people want to know about and for leveraging resources so that the sum of the efforts is bigger than the individual contributions.”

  • Launching Proof of Concept – Then Leveraging It

    Dec. 13, 2012 Jan SchafferBlog

    So where can a $14,000 media start-up award get you? It can get you just where you want to go, judging by the recent winners of the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneur (NMWE) Awards.

  • University News Sites: Investments in Civic Entrepreneurship

    Oct. 2, 2012 Jan SchafferArticles | International Journal of Communication University News Sites Collage

    The best journalism schools in the country are now providing genuine opportunities for students to do authentic reporting. However, the most valuable of these are more than just classroom exercises that live and die by the academic calendar.

  • Let’s Get Real About Homicide Watch

    Sep. 10, 2012 Jan SchafferBlogProject - Knight-Batten Awards 2011 - Homicide Watch DC

    Kudos to Homicide Watch for exceeding its Kickstarter goal. I was among those who donated.  But I have to confess to a lot of head -scratching over all the rallying cries, berating national foundations for not supporting a good local news site. The fact of the matter is, the founders are leaving the start up to accept other opportunities.  Any entrepreneurs who leave their startups after only three ...

  • Trending: University News Sites

    Jun. 6, 2012 Jan SchafferUniversity News Sites

    Quietly, and not so quietly, journalism schools around the country are starting to give their students new news opportunities. More than beefing up course catalogues with multimedia and convergence offerings, the schools are becoming incubators for entrepreneurial news startups – news websites that are populated with student content.

  • Neon Tommy – Q&A with Founder Marc Cooper

    May. 31, 2012 Jessica Durkin

    A Q&A with Marc Cooper, the digital news director at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. He founded Neon Tommy, a student-run news site that provides a hands-on news reporting and writing experience while serving up a range of web-only content.

  • The Tail Wagged the Dog

    Feb. 28, 2012 Jan SchafferThe Tail Wagged the Dog

    Amid the current shakeouts of independent news sites, it’s important to understand all the ingredients that make these sites successful. In the case of the Chicago News Cooperative, its problems were not confined to its failure to raise revenues.

    From its very start, the site was never able to generate the kind of juice that is critical to convert audiences into donors, advertisers or committed readers even as it ...

  • Independent New Sites: The Pendulum is Swinging Both Ways

    Feb. 15, 2012 Jan SchafferBlogIndependent New Sites: The Pendulum is Swinging Both Ways - Community Sites Map

    J-lab just finished vetting some 227 proposals to fund women-led startups. We learned that the appetite for starting up independent news and information websites seems to be as keen as ever and the ideas for new projects are quite creative.

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