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AEJMC 2005 Luncheon

J-Lab/ AEJMC 2005 Luncheon

Sponsored by the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

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By Jan Schaffer, J-Lab Executive Director
“The bottom line is that citizens are both the consumers and the creators of the content.”

Mary Lou Fulton
VP of Audience Development, The Bakersfield Californian
“I’m concerned that what is a very powerful idea won’t take root because of our industry’s inexperience and impatience with new things.”

Clyde Bentley
“We’re moving from the picture of a journalist as a writer and reporter to the picture of the journalist as the editor and guide.”


David Wiseman
Project Manager, Loudoun Forward
“People don’t become experts until it affects them and you get that ‘not in my backyard’ reaction. And I submit that, in Loudoun, if you have a backyard, something is eventually going to happen there.”

See Loudoun Forward


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